Is there a lot of upkeep involved to maintain a LHM home?

The maintenance is limited to two items, the exterior caulking and exterior preservative. The exterior caulking should be checked yearly to see if touch ups are needed. The exterior preservative product we use will generally last four to seven years, depending on the house exposure to natural elements.

To what extent does LHM participate in the construction process?

We can customize any type of package, help with everything from start to finish or just put up the shell or a logs only package. Every proposal is different to meet your needs and budget.

What species of wood is used by LHM?

We select only the best quality White Pine and Cedar logs from the forests of Minnesota and Canada.

Will LHM logs shrink and settle?

Very little, our experience has proven our product can be constructed without allowing for shrinking and settling over doors and windows.

What is the log profile of your Tongue and Groove Design?

LHM’s log profile is designed for extra strength and insulation. After suitable aging drying, these logs are precision-milled to exact tolerances to insure close mating surfaces in the final construction. All corners are cross-notched at our factor to duplicate the look and the strength of authentic pioneer log cabin construction. Husky ten-inch Galvanized steel pikes hold each log in alignment.

How do our log home costs compare with conventional type construction?

To us this is the most exciting feature of all. A quality Log Homes Minnesota home can be constructed for approximately the same cost as a conventional home of the same quality. LHM also builds conventional framed homes. Exterior finishing could be our half log siding or any siding you choose.

How long does it take to build an average turnkey home?

An average turnkey log home will take approximately three to four months to build.

How long does it take to build an average shell package?

An average shell log home will be finished in about one month.

Do you build all year?

Yes, Log Homes Minnesota builds all year long.

Does LHM have other locations?

LHM is privately owned and only located in Walker, Minnesota.

How many homes have been built by LHM?

Established in 1980, over 900 homes have been built throughout the U.S.

How far does LHM travel?

We will travel all over. Often times even with travel expenses added, we are competitively priced.